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  • Born Out of Sex – first single from This Morning Waking

    BORN OUT OF SEX; FIRST SINGLE OFF NEW EP: THIS MORNING WAKING DOWNLOAD BORN OUT OF SEX by MAD KATE THE TIDE The new single Born Out of Sex by Berlin post punk performance duo Mad Kate | the Tide is independently is released today, the 1st of January 2020. Born Out Of Sex is […]

  • privacy intimacy performativity

    privacy whose privacy. when. how much. who can utilize it. who can weaponize it. which privacy infringes on boundary. which boundary is another persons trigger. when is capitalist individualism being branded as privacy. intimacy touching. physicality. being together in a room. it is powerful to be together in a room. it is powerful to touch […]

  • stop criminalizing migration. period.

    This morning I listened to The Daily’s Interview with a Border Control Agent, which gets at a topic I’ve been wanting to speak about for a while. I fundamentally don’t agree with this agent on the big topics. I don’t agree that “America should be first and all other countries second”. I don’t agree in […]

  • different kinds of poor.

    ta nehisi coates said in an interview on fresh air “different kinds of poor” and i think this is more relevant than ever. perhaps what is becoming less important is actually the idea popularized during OCCUPY of the 99% versus the top 1%. The 1% are fucking rich apparently, and don’t even know how to […]

  • Agitated and Hysterical about the Climate Crisis

    Its true, I understand completely what Greta Thunberg means when she says that she fell into a depression after seeing that there is a CRISIS for thirty years at least and no one is “doing” anything about it, as she explained in a recent interview on Democracy Now! That everyone was saying “I care, I […]

  • Why Is Refusing to Consume Framed as Sacrifice?

    I think that pretty much sums it up.

  • compost is slow but language can be quick

    Compost is slow but changing language is quick In fact we have changed quickly. In fact the new things to say are changing and being integrated all the time. I’m learning language from Americans, language I didn’t know before. Language that has entered the parlance of common American English that I just cant see. I’m […]

  • creating new authenticities

    Yes. Compost takes a long time and you cant rush compost. Coming together takes a long time and you cant rush growth, not in that way. But there are movements that might accelerate, a rate which may increase or decrease in any given moment, depending on which factors of growth we are examining. Calling that […]

  • Questions for todays performance sexWORKperformanceART Lausanne

    Questions. What does it mean to instrumentalize the body itself or a body’s identity in order to produce works (of art, of service, of utility). What differentiates the following: Making work as art? Working? Having sex as work? Working at having sex? Performing as a work of art? Performing an act of work as labour […]

  • ways to save money

    ways to save money in order to work less. in order to work more interesting jobs that dont necessarily pay well. in order to be introduced to new, critically engaged people who may feel like-minded about work in order to have interesting conversations and to enjoy the ways that i spend my time. on interesting […]