compost is slow but language can be quick

Compost is slow but changing language is quick

In fact we have changed quickly. In fact the new things to say are changing and being integrated all the time.

I’m learning language from Americans, language I didn’t know before.

Language that has entered the parlance of common American English that I just cant see.

I’m learning a new word in one day and the next I’m integrating it into my language.

Just easy like that.

Yes it is true that compost is slow and takes time and building

Yes its true that you cant rush compost.

but there are places inside the compost where the reaction has begun.

began, transpired.


There are moments of accelerated activity.

Language is one of them.

Language is possibility for hyperchange.

so if your friend would like to be called Tina today and for ever after today.

Just call them Tina.