creating new authenticities

Yes. Compost takes a long time and you cant rush compost. Coming together takes a long time and you cant rush growth, not in that way. But there are movements that might accelerate, a rate which may increase or decrease in any given moment, depending on which factors of growth we are examining. Calling that which has been perceived as a cock a cunt takes one second but changes everything about how the genitalia is perceived and it will never look the same thereafter. Deciding to remove the expectation of phallus from the cock takes but a switch for one moment in the mind but changes everything thereafter, though getting to the idea of switching might have been slow. Deciding to call a person THEY if they ask me to takes just as long as I remember the next time; how it influences my language on every micro choice I make thereafter may accelerate my thinking, may switch everything I believed I knew about that person. These choices are swift, these switches in language are practices, are performances of switching. They are a choice, a choice in a moment. Performance IS choice and is intention and therefore it brings authenticity because it creates new authenticities that may not have been authentic to us before but are becoming authentic to us as we make the positive and conscious choice to change.