ways to save money

ways to save money

in order to work less.

in order to work more interesting jobs that dont necessarily pay well.

in order to be introduced to new, critically engaged people

who may feel like-minded about work

in order to have interesting conversations

and to enjoy the ways that i spend my time.

on interesting work that is also passion

passion that fuels me and keeps depression at bay

because i feel like am contributing something meaningful to human discourse

engaging with questions that interest me

and engaging with the natural world because i have time to stare and it and be in it

spending time with plants and changing topographies as i travel

contemplating the way that plants move and people move and

the world around changes:

Ride my bicycle
Buy or dive groceries and cook
Scavenge for food, for clothing, for household items
Eat vegetarian and little dairy
Use a moon cup
Don’t fly or fly as little as possible
Find work that allows me to travel
Find clothes and furniture on the street
Live communally
Take the bus or train if I can’t ride my bike
Rarely go out to eat and when I do really really enjoy the novelty of it
Find free museums and free events and let the task of finding of those events bring me into contact with strangers and new situations
Make coffee at a cafe a special occasion and never take it to go.
Buy used clothing, especially for children
Trade skills ie massage for video work
and other things
that are not sacrificial but beneficial