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  • the anxiety from which i speak – part 2 quarantine

    When the quarantine hit a lot of things broke. Yes, the fear of death hit us, the fear of no work, the fear of survival, the fear of the future, the fear of not knowing. But also, for some of us—the stress broke. The anxiety of waiting broke. The feeling of being a dead person […]

  • Now more than ever: Digital Intimacies and Support

    To those who can support artists during this time, please remember that those of us who are living in the gig economy have lost all of our work and most of us have absolutely no safety set. All of my work for March has been cancelled, likewise for my family and friends. If there is […]

  • fear of performance.

    Speaking of “from which anxieties do i speak?” I think one of the anxieties from which I and others speak is a fear of performance. Performance, in this sense, is the fear of performing something which is not real. An idea which is interesting to follow, because it gets at something interesting about the word […]

  • Proximities (thinking about different kinds of proximity)

    NOTES ON … PROXIMITIES …. Been spending a lot of thinking time with the word PROXIMITY. Realizing in the process that I should probably be using the word PROXIMITIES instead of just PROXIMITY to begin to get to all the different types of proximities that we feel. In which ways do we “feel close” ? […]

  • The Anxiety From Which I Speak – Thinking After Butler

    I have been thinking about the ideas Judith Butler presented when she lectured on 31st January 2020 at TU Berlin. Firstly, although it happened a seemingly off-the-cuff moment, they asserted their preferred pronoun as “they” (I found this quite historic) while speaking of the phantasmagoria of gender and the question of the pronoun (I responded […]

  • queering

    what is queering ? queering our relationship to the rest of the world is not about how we have sex, although it can be. queering is about seeing each of our identities as uniquely placed, located, in larger structures and seeing each and every other person in the world as also uniquely located, as gendered […]

  • sitting in the earth and re-focusing

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mad Kate (@madkate27) on Feb 12, 2020 at 9:03am PST The context for this photo is despair and cloudiness. Throwing my bike down and going to the river. Well, the best “river” I could find. Whenever I feel at my worst I go to the river, […]

  • Columns — Concentric Circles of Context

    Two things. one — although “products” or “works” may arrive on one date, their process is much longer. Columns began with a recording that took place in 2015, though one could argue that the process to get to that point took much longer. Many things have been part of why its arrival as “product” took […]

  • Born Out of Sex

    born out of sex I was born out of sex lived in the body arrived through the cunt told I have a cunt that I will be desired that they will want to have sex in me and on my body to guard against sex to be a certain type of body there are certain […]

  • This Morning Waking, This Essay Waking

    This Morning Waking. This morning waking, I will wake up, I will wake up, I will wake up, and it will be the clearest morning I have ever woken. I have been repeating this mantra for 20 years. I have been repeating, and failing, and trying again, and waking up and waking more and waking […]