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  • HYENAZ Perimeter

    Perimeter is the latest a/v work by HYENAZ, in collaboration with performers Mmakgosi Kgabi, Martini Cherry Furter, and Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, artistic director Yeorg Kronnagel and cinematography by Robert Mleczko. Perimeter is the third audio-visual work and performative intervention in the HYENAZ Foreign Bodies series, and is supported with generous funding by Musicboard Berlin. The […]

  • Theres Only One Peach with a Hole in the Middle

    For the PEACHES epic stage revue “There’s Only One Peach with the Hole in the Middle” HYENAZ directed and choreographed the nine person dance group CLUSTERFUCK. The ensemble comprised artists Adrienne Teicher, Mad Kate, Federica Dauri, Jao Moon, TRAUKO, Ginger Synne, Lori Baldwin, Bishop Black and Martini Cherry Furter. Performances at Kampnagel, Hamburg, Royal Festival […]

  • Instinct

    WRITTEN and PRODUCED by Marit Östberg, Mad Kate, Ester Martin Bergsmark and Adrienne TeicherSTARRING Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher, Ocsaj, Max, Walter Crasshole, MYSTI, Tom Ass, Finn, Liz Rosenfeld, Jared Gradinger, Sadie Lune, River Rose, Buffalo Grove, Christopher, Paulita Pappel, Mere, NikaEDITING Jasco ViefhusSET DIRECTION Ester Martin Bergsmark Marit ÖstbergCINEMATOGRAPHY Ester Martin Bergsmark with Marit Östberg […]

  • The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck

    Directed by JorgeTheObscene Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) JorgeTheObscene Cast (in credits order) JorgeTheObscene JorgeTheObscene … Jorge Rafael Medina Rafael Medina … Edu Tristan Rehbold Tristan Rehbold … Tristan Sultan of Filth Sultan of Filth … Darkroom Hottie Schoko Channel Schoko Channel … Darkroom Hottie Nicky Miller Nicky Miller … Le Diable Jo Pollux Jo […]

  • Deutsche Oper | Ambushed from Behind: Don Quichotte

    DON QUICHOTTE is based on the international literary classic exploring the visionary power of dreams and the utopia of creating fantasy worlds while being defeated by the harsh realities of life. It is both a grand tale dealing with the ageing process and a weird and wonderful adventure novel packed with deadpan humour. Jules Massenet […]

  • Ma(r)king Time +89 Cloaking (in prose)

    Where we must, we break laws. Everyone knows that. Where we must, we conceal. So many people I have known have broken small laws in order to stay or go where they need. We figure it out. We are rats and cockroaches, just trying to survive. Under/next to/despite the benevolent hand of government who would […]

  • Ma(r)king Time +70 Murky Truth

    Hahahahaha. White queers. Hahahaha white queers. Okay white queers can do their magic too. Says a voice from the audience. Perhaps hostile, perhaps celebratory, it’s hard to tell. Thank you, first of all, for reminding me of the humor. And reminding me, not to take myself too seriously. I do wonder, of course, about the […]

  • Marking time +58 Conceptual Metaphors of Sound

    27 March 2019 I love the conceptual metaphors of sound. So rich with possibility. If we are with a child every moment of their waking and sleeping lives, we see their micro changes almost analogue, one to one relation. But when we have only sampled experiences of them — five hours here and five hours […]

  • Blue Room

    Goodyn Green Photography 2016. Directed by Goodyn Green Runtime: 16 min. Starring: Jiz Lee, Mad Kate A first-time rendezvous between Jiz Lee and Mad Kate takes place in Kate’s bedroom at her studio in Berlin. Their lust for each other is beautifully shown and observed through Goodyn Green’s camera lens and furthermore intensified by music […]

  • When we are together we can be everywhere

    When we are together we can be everywhere (2015) Marit Östberg, a feature porn and a documentary Liz walks between different rooms of the city. A bar, a toilet, a wasteland, a garden, a trailer. The cruising body can’t, unlike the flaneur, be alone. She won’t leave the world outside of her. Several eyes follow […]