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  • sinews: holding our sh*t together

    sinews: holding our sh*t together

    Tereza Silon and Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate PRESS ARTALK ARTYCOK DOCUMENTATION photos by Peter Kolárčik Photos by Kathryn Fischer EXHIBITS 16 December 2023 – 13 January 2024 at Neurotitan Gallery – Berlin – Germany – curator: Viviana Druga URBAN WITCHES not BITCHES: Beast from the East 19 October 2023 – 7 December 2023 at…

  • 28 – 30.10.2022 – ArtesMobiles | System Failed

    28 – 30.10.2022 – ArtesMobiles | System Failed

    Artes Mobiles : SYSTEMFAILED PROJECT SystemFailed deals with structures of power in the “smart” age. Algorithmic governance techniques are made playfully tangible and a critical examination of digitalization is initiated. Three performers and a self-developed AI system, represented by moving light and projections, face the audience. The project is divided into three modules:SystemFailed:exploration – the technical developmentSystemFailed:exchange…

  • HYENAZ | Extraction

    HYENAZ | Extraction

    Research funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste HYENAZ (Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher) are currently engaged in a series of discussions and close reading groups, a continuation of the research for their audio-visual work and performative intervention EXTRACTION, the fifth in their “Foreign Bodies” project. Extraction explores how extractive processes are replicated within the arts, and…

  • HOLD


    Hold, Marit Östberg, DE/SE 2021, 14 min, engl. OV World Premiere Screening at Berlin Porn Film Festival BDSM Porn Shorts Shortfilm program, 95 min. A selection of films from this program can also be streamed with the Online Festival Pass. Please find more information here. Bondage, Discipline, Submission & Domination, Sadism & Masochism: a classic among the…

  • Second Shutter

    Second Shutter

    Buy it on Pink Label Second Shutter Goodyn Green Photography 2018. Directed by Goodyn Green Runtime: 46 min. Starring: Angel Van Dyke, Finn Peaks, Jasko Fide, Lina Bembe, Lucia Luxemburg, Mad Kate, Mal Cunt, Sadie Lune, Ze Royale, Zoë Challenger



    S I S T E R H O O D /  Director – Marit Östberg Producer – Marit Östberg  /  Starring – Marit Östberg, Blond Stud, Mad Kate, Pau Pappel, Miruna Boruzescu Language – English  /  Length –  50 min / Östberg and her crew are incredibly intelligent people who have some fascinating ideas about…

  • Mis(s)placed Women? Belgrade: 14-18 Oct 2021

    Mis(s)placed Women? Belgrade: 14-18 Oct 2021

    Tanja Ostojić’s ongoing Mis(s)placed Women? project will take place in person and online in Belgrade on the 14th of October – 18th October 2021. Mad Kate will join a Berlin group of artists who will attend the happening in person on the 16th and 17th of October. Tanja OstojićMIS(S)PLACED WOMEN?2009-2021Collaborative Art Project Podroom Gallery, Cultural…

  • HYENAZ | Ex-Situ

    HYENAZ | Ex-Situ

    AUDIO VISUAL WORK AND SONIC SCULPTURE LISTEN WATCH Youtube / Vimeo BUY Bandcamp Concept Ex Situ is a multimedia performance, interactive sonic sculpture and audiovisual work which explores how human beings can exist in past, current and future homeland(s), simultaneously and the fragile technological threads on which this multidimensional existence is suspended. The work…

  • EKU EKU EKU (a call to death)

    EKU EKU EKU (a call to death)

    Goethe-Institut Virtual Partnership Residency with Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT) and HYENAZ  BUY THE TRACK HERE:   We will be donating all of the proceeds from sales of the track on Bandcamp to perfocraZe International Artist Residency CrazinisT artis.T Studio. Please give generously! EKU EKU EKU (A Call to Death) is a Virtual Partnership Residency…

  • Transart Festival Bolzano

    Transart Festival Bolzano

    TRANSART BOLZANO 2021 TRANSART is one of the most important contemporary art festivals on the national scene. TRANSART is a multidisciplinary festival, which involves its audience in the exciting exploration of new contemporary frontiers, through a multiplicity of expressive languages and their innovations: from classical to electronic music, from figurative arts to performance, and from…