When we are together we can be everywhere

When we are together we can be everywhere (2015) Marit Östberg, a feature porn and a documentary

Liz walks between different rooms of the city. A bar, a toilet, a wasteland, a garden, a trailer. The cruising body can’t, unlike the flaneur, be alone. She won’t leave the world outside of her. Several eyes follow her: the women holding the cameras, the director. The director is sending her a love letter. The director needs her cruising body. They are a part of each others fantasies and share a dream about a city’s possibility of providing safe sexy spaces. They travel together to look for the rooms in between, to find rooms of their desires. When we are together we can be everywhere is a feature porn documentary premiered in October 2015. The project was born through a cooperation with starring Liz Rosenfeld to explore porn through a contract of nearness and liaison.

Length: 68 min
Cast: Liz Rosenfeld, Imogen Heath, Paulita Pappel, Mad Kate, Sadie Lune, KAy Garnellen, GG , Zoe Challenger etc
Camera: Immo Heat and Sara Moralo
Music: Light Asylum, Borusiade, The Knife, Fever Ray, Jhna, Oni Ayhun, Mad Kate I The Tide