Mad Kate (they/them) aka Kathryn Fischer is an electronic producer, sound designer, performance artist and writer who began working the Berlin performance and club scene in 2004, expanding their unique identity-queering, genderfcking and sexpositive performative work throughout music, theatre and film. Their explorations of borders between/within bodies, audibility, consent, proximity, and touch as political practice have brought them to theaters, communes, technomansions, prisons, dungeons, squats and galleries around the world, with projects Mad Kate, HYENAZ, Mad Kate | the Tide, Kamikaze Queens, PEACHES, Bonaparte, and many other collaborations.

Mad Kate is one half of the producer-performer duo HYENAZ with Adrienne Teicher, who have toured immersive techno experiential shows based in consent and touch. HYENAZ are deeply committed to the connection between movement, sound design and audio visual work. They are currently working on their project Foreign Bodies, a slow movement series of audio-visual works on bodies in motion and bodies in relation. Their latest work Audibility is towards a new cosmology of listening.

Mad Kate is currently and slowly working on S.W.E.A.T., a podcast and a series of audio and performative works that explore the concept of performance and performativity of the sexual/ized body in labour of survival and labour of a/Art. Some of these pieces have been explored through their collaboration with Jacopo Bertacco aka TideOfSound and Sara Neidorf in their postpunkperformance project Mad Kate | the Tide.

As co-singer with punk cabaret band Kamikaze Queens, Mad Kate toured the European and US punkrock circuit with unforgettable live shows. As a dancer-performance artist, they have appeared on international stages with PEACHES (as co-creator of the contemporary dance collective CLUSTERFUCK) and since 2007, they have brought their genderbending glitter punk stage energy to the fluffy punk circus Bonaparte (and they are currently performing on the QUIET and the RIOT tour). Mad Kate has collaborated and performed with BLCK CRCKR, Planningtorock, Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (Kembra Pfahler), DJ Hell, Taylor Mac, and countless other legends and legends in the making.