sexWORKperformanceART is a series of integrated a/v live and recorded performance works and essays that examine the intersections of sex, work, performance and A/art. To what extent is “a” body an autonomous agent exercising choice in a precarious capitalist economy, how do these choices dialogue with a body’s intersectionality, and how does this affect the way in which a person considers their labour the performance of work or the performance of art?

What does it mean to instrumentalize the body itself or a body’s identity in order to produce works (of art, of service, of utility). What differentiates the following: Making work as art? Working? Having sex as work? Working at having sex? Performing as a work of art? Performing an act of work as labour of daily care? Performing an identity? Performing a work of Art? Making art as a work of love/art/care? Sex as labour of care? These are a few of the questions I have been bringing into a series of recorded dialogues. These dialogues have served as inspiration for performative responses and sonic works. My latest work is entitled “My Fear of Pretending”, featuring performance artist Lori Baldwin.