Wirbel um Nacktfoto: Verfahren gegen Lehrer

I was recently informed that a teacher in a small city in Germany has been suspended from his position at a Gymnasium (preparatory high school) for showing his students my website. As of yet I have no information regarding the case, but I am concerned that his position is compromised given that my website is intended to be educational and positive and in no way intended to “corrupt youth.”

Wirbel um Nacktfoto: Verfahren gegen Lehrer

I am a performance artist and writer living and working
in Berlin since eight years, formerly based in San Francisco. As a performer, I have always worked and explored questions of gender and sexuality through my body on stage and in front of the camera. For this reason, some of the photographs on my site show me nude or partially clothed. The reasons for this are clear: If the body is the site of my performance exploration, there will always be the aspect of using the human body–my
body–in my work.

Much of my early work and some of my photographs deal with
rape and non-consensual sex. They are intended to educate and express my experience of rape and objectification of the female body. Few of my performances could be characterized as porn and all of them are intended to
make people think critically about the generally sex negative, homophobic, transphobic and sexist culture we live in.

The work that I have done in porn has been carefully selected and with the conscientious intention to create queer feminist porn that feels positive for everyone involved. None of my work in porn can be found directly on my website, so in any case I can’t see this as grounds for punishing a teacher who suggests my website to his or her students.

My website, like any website, is intended to promote my work as an artist and to be a platform for me to express my views through my writing. If you explore my site, you will discover that I write about all of my different projects and artistic intentions through a queer feminist lens. My writings are cultural commentary, essay and creative non-fiction, not erotic fiction, though I do discuss my personal and political views on making queer porn, feminism, and sex work, among many other topics.

My writing is intended to
promote feminist values and to challenge the hetero-normative, sex-negative, sexist, transphobic and homophobic society we all swim in. These essays are clearly intended to create space for dialogue. The reprimanding of this teacher appears to be unfounded and reinforces the fact that sexuality, especially queer feminist sexuality and an empowered female body, challenges structural norms.

I stand in support of this teacher and hope that his school is brave enough to fight for him. If anyone has further information regarding the case or knows who is organizing in support of him, please be in touch with me.