this is not a war this is a nonviolent protest

this is not a war we are going through.

this is a non violent protest

a resistance.

our bodies are on the line, not all of us, but some of us especially


those not on the front lines must pass them badly needed supplies

must modify our own behavior to protect them

we have been asked to sit patiently

linking psychoenergetic arms

waiting for hours, for days.


real actions are non violent:

nurses and doctors fighting sleeplessly to save lives

and scientists working tirelessly to find a vaccine

grocery store workers, bus drivers, trash collectors–and others

are maintaining the skeleton of our infrastructures


it is the language of the protest which should be on our lips

affinity groups who are directly accountable to each other

affinity groups, who are not necessarily family members.

sharing homes and spaces turned into homes

or bound by digital intimacies

thinking in terms of social solidarity

helping others who are more in need

putting the sociological imagination ahead

of what we may directly feel, see or experience


we have to look out for each other

not because we are being attacked with bombs and guns

and not because there is an enemy who can be destroyed

viruses will never be completely destroyed

and destruction is not the goal of a vaccine

coexistence is

immunization is

resilience is

resistance is