Sister/Reading Single from HYENAZ released today via Freudian/Slit


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Sister/Reading is the first official release from the electro-esoteric duo and features two contiguous fragments from the infinite loop that comprises their upcoming debut album.

Sister recalls a deep spiritual journey divined in one endless phrase, a declaration or expression continuously building towards a climax that lies just beyond the border to the future. Reading recalls the aftermath of impossible bliss; the chaos and confusion of minds whose borders have been recast.

Musically, sister evokes the euphoria of 90s trance atop a groove that would not be out of place in some long-forgotten italo-disco classic and relentless vocals reminiscent of Anne Clark. Reading is more Miami Beach boardwalk meets 6am Berlin warehouse – rubber sole synths atop a dark electro bass hook and a satanic vocoder all washed out together on a chemical tide.

Music and lyrics by HYENAZ.

Recorded and mixed by HYENAZ at D.I.V.O. Institute, Kolin, Czech Republic []; EXIT, Berlin, Germany []; and Pale Music International, Berlin, Germany [].

Mix tweaking & high definition mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak at Studio333

Cover Photo: Hadas Hinkis
Graphic Design: HYENAZ