Secretions: 19 Oct 2021


✹Mona Servo (live) + Swan Bitume (vj)✹Mona Servo works on queer & feminist body/ies, aestheticsand politics through music, performance and other multimedia devices. In her work,she combines DIY cultures, contemporary occultures, experimental practices of moving images and sound/music as well as micro-editing,invocating among others poetry, sexualities, memory, alteration,marginalities, and a variety of short circuits that can bring out newperceptions, readings, or representations.

Mona’s performance will be accompanied by visual performance by Swan Bitume, who develops a DIY approach and mix together their own lo-fi-videos and found-footage. They are more touched by amateur movies’ textures and obsolete cameras than by perfection and high tech. Their attachment to sharpness and noise tries to go beyond images’ surface.

✹Diana (live)✹

✹Adrienne Teicher (live)✹Adrienne Teicher’s first solo techno release INSECURE explores the encounter with these roaming dangers of covid and climate change from the perspective of isolation. In lockdown, she created four A/V works documenting the anxiety she experienced in her body, while also attempting a personal and systemic critique, in the hope of performing an alchemical transformation from a body in isolation into a subject in solidarity with others.The source of many of her aesthetic and conceptual frames is HYENAZ – a long term collaboration with fellow producer Kathryn Fischer. As well as their own performative rituals, the pair have developed and performed choreographies for electroclash performance artist PEACHES, and created sound designs for writer/directors Sivan Ben Yishai and Sasha Marianna Salzmann, at Kampnagel, Münchner Kammerspiele, Maxim Gorki Theatre and Royal Festival Hall.

✹Andreas Maan (dj)✹Andreas Maan’s DJ sets are glimmering collages, intersecting layers of texture and intensity that take in techno, ambient, electroacoustic, and minimalism (among others). As part of Patterns of Perception, Andreas is a guiding hand and frequent contributor to their mix series, releases, and events, both as an artist and an engineer.

✹EKU EKU EKU (Berlin Premiere) – a/v work by crazinisT artisT & HYENAZ✹
Eku Eku Eku (A Call to Death) is a collaboraiton between Ghanaian multi-disciplinary artist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT] and HYENAZ supporte by Goethe Institut. Physically disparate in a pandemic context, the artists gathered field recordings and video in Kumasi and Berlin using a deep listening methodology during the course of a parallel ritualistic journey conducted simultaneously. The theme of their ritual was a meditation on death. The words, crazinisT artisT’s vocals, the sounds fo the their respective material environments as well as their spontaneous dance and movement were sliced down to the level of a few frames and reassembled to reflect the psychic encounters produced by the ritual. See Less