Making queer porn is part of my practice, because embodied and empowered sex is a practice–meaning that it is a process which can be joyous, terrifying, ecstatic, powerful, peaceful, and everything inbetween. It can also be a practice in which we can falter and fail to reach our ultimate goals. But it is also a practice in we have *an opportunity* to (re)imagine our bodies and the bodies of others in new ways and to discover our edges. I started making porn in 2004 because it felt urgent. Because at that time, in that skin body that is my home, in that city of Berlin, it felt like a radical action that I could do with my physical body that would contribute to a long tradition of queer feminist werk. It wasn’t so much about who would watch it but what the process contained. It was about showing all the different kinds of sex my community was having and creating a frame in which we could explore together.