Poly-singular Queer Bodies


“The practice of ALIVEness is directly related to queer identity because queer pioneers and the practice of queer sex itself has already asked some of the essential questions of ALIVEness: Is our hand not so very different from our cock? Is our cock not so very different from our cunt? These associations may seem at first sight to be far-fetched, especially for those who do not think of their bodies or identities as queer. But if queers are willing to imagine bodies as poly-singular, there is no body that cannot or should not be included; we all have queer bodies.”


“ALIVEness. To what extent are we alive in each other’s lives – physically, emotionally, electronically, living or dead – taking into account our contemporary context of virtual interaction, shape-shifting and poly-physical interpretations of our own identities? What does it mean to be present when the terms of our own existence are relative to how we interact physically and virtually with those most close to us? This is our exploration and praxis.”

Excerpt from Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate