Making queer and empowered porn is part of my practice. Because every time we practice having sex, we have *an opportunity* to (re)imagine our bodies and the bodies of others in new ways.

  • HOLD
    Hold, Marit Östberg, DE/SE 2021, 14 min, engl. OV World Premiere Screening at Berlin Porn Film Festival BDSM Porn Shorts Shortfilm program, 95 min. A selection of films from this program can also be streamed with the Online Festival Pass. Please find more information here. Bondage, Discipline, Submission & Domination, Sadism &

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  • Second Shutter
    Buy it on Pink Label https://pinklabel.tv/on-demand/film/second-shutter/ Second Shutter Goodyn Green Photography 2018. Directed by Goodyn Green Runtime: 46 min. Starring: Angel Van Dyke, Finn Peaks, Jasko Fide, Lina Bembe, Lucia Luxemburg, Mad Kate, Mal Cunt, Sadie Lune, Ze Royale, Zoë Challenger
    S I S T E R H O O D /  Director – Marit Östberg Producer – Marit Östberg  /  Starring – Marit Östberg, Blond Stud, Mad Kate, Pau Pappel, Miruna Boruzescu Language – English  /  Length –  50 min / Östberg and her crew are incredibly intelligent people who

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  • Instinct
    WRITTEN and PRODUCED by Marit Östberg, Mad Kate, Ester Martin Bergsmark and Adrienne TeicherSTARRING Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher, Ocsaj, Max, Walter Crasshole, MYSTI, Tom Ass, Finn, Liz Rosenfeld, Jared Gradinger, Sadie Lune, River Rose, Buffalo Grove, Christopher, Paulita Pappel, Mere, NikaEDITING Jasco ViefhusSET DIRECTION Ester Martin Bergsmark Marit ÖstbergCINEMATOGRAPHY Ester

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  • The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck
    Directed by JorgeTheObscene Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) JorgeTheObscene Cast (in credits order) JorgeTheObscene JorgeTheObscene … Jorge Rafael Medina Rafael Medina … Edu Tristan Rehbold Tristan Rehbold … Tristan Sultan of Filth Sultan of Filth … Darkroom Hottie Schoko Channel Schoko Channel … Darkroom Hottie Nicky Miller Nicky Miller …

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  • Blue Room
    Goodyn Green Photography 2016. Directed by Goodyn Green Runtime: 16 min. Starring: Jiz Lee, Mad Kate A first-time rendezvous between Jiz Lee and Mad Kate takes place in Kate’s bedroom at her studio in Berlin. Their lust for each other is beautifully shown and observed through Goodyn Green’s camera lens

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  • When we are together we can be everywhere
    When we are together we can be everywhere (2015) Marit Östberg, a feature porn and a documentary Liz walks between different rooms of the city. A bar, a toilet, a wasteland, a garden, a trailer. The cruising body can’t, unlike the flaneur, be alone. She won’t leave the world outside

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  • Neurosex Pornoia
    Neurosex Pornoia is a queer, womanlesbiantrans*inter, diy project, initiated in Berlin 2013 by Eric and Abigail Gnash as a space of experimentation and learning around the possibilities of queer feminist porn. This vision is conected to wider international community of feminist filmmakers, pornographers, artists and activists, coming together in events

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    Marit Östberg Share (2010) 16 min. She’s longing for her lover. Pictures come to her mind. She sees her lover and her lover’s lover, she wants to be where they are. She walks out of her dream, she walks out of her appartement. She knows where they are, she has

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  • Too Much Pussy
    Too Much Pussy! is a 2010 French-German documentary film directed by Émilie Jouvet. It follows a group of performers who are all members of the sex-positive movement during the tour of their “Queer X Show” through Europe, from Berlin to Malmö.