Little cut-up misspell Dylan reverie

Listening to bob Dylan in my little bunk. Oh what a mood he puts me in, what memories he strikes. I suppose somehow as a kid you fall in love with the person you’re really meant to be with, but mostly it never works so you just search your whole life to find that person again.

“I wish, I wish that we could sit simply again.”

Not that I want to be with whomever that first person actually is but certainly that feeling of being in love with a person … In that way … Feeling the same, feeling the indulgent power if a folk music love and then with my hippy punk harmonica playing lover … sitting on the hillsides of Monterey … God it all seems so long and so much and so far …

First time I fell in love I listened to Freewheeling Bob Dylan, second time I fell in love I listened to Blood on the Tracks. Third time I fell in love I was trying to forget everything I knew, fourth time I forgot and learned everything anew. Fifth time I pretended to be something I was not. Then sometime in the muddler if the night I couldn’t fry to sleep nit for hours I listened to Dylan Jyst Dylan and everything came flooding back. Then I missed the first live of my life really missed that first love, my mind flew open like that window in hurricane and everything flew out and in all night all night long. So i thought a Big Big Change was Coming . A big wheel of change would sweep ne in its feet and we’d trip along together into this night drive not knowing where it will take me

13 April 2011.


Location:From Munich to Vienna

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