In the Future …

NOW—this contemporary moment—still stuck in the post modern, we are preoccupied by measurement.

When does life “begin”, when does death begin, when does sleep begin? How old are you? Who’s experience is that? Is her experience more authentic than his? By how much? How much darker is your skin? How many more people do you sleep with of the same sex? How far did it go in? Which is male and which is female? How far away? Where were you born? On which piece of land on which piece of soil in which nation on which planet in which galaxy. Distance—the proximity of our place of birth—dictates our unity. Is this not arbitrary, given the vast distances which span our universe? We are wondering if earthling life is a reality TV show for “THEM,” which suggests that we are beginning to understand the absurdity of our relative GREATNESS and our relative INSIGNIFICANCE. This implies the post of our post-modernity and yet we are clinging to the measurements of the modern. They prick at us with tempting rationality.

In the future IS will be all IS. Memory will be our memory, experience will be our experience. Life will be our life. Death will be our death.

In the future, if VIOLENCE exists it exists—we will no longer be obsessed with WHO WHEN WHY or WHERE, how far away, or where were they born? We will not try to capture ghosts on video or reality through great big reality capturing machines. In the age of enlightenment all time and space will be lost. We are in the transitioning time — the post modern implies we have begun to let go our modern tools but we are still clinging on to them for dear life!!

In the age of the MENTAL and not the THING we will not have to change our bodies to imagine that they are multigendered. We will see them with our mind’s eye that they already are.

In the future, we will not obsess about which lover when and how many and the right ONE. LOVER will be love—will be omnipotent. If LOVE exists for us it exists.

In the future, we will not be preoccupied with burden of proof; we will not be preoccupied with finding the right one. Neighbor does not need to be imagined with the modern aides of TWEET TREND or FACEBOOK FRIEND—we will already see them as neighbor. Now, in the postmodern, we are excited by the idea of FACEBOOK NATION and cyber constitution. But in the future we will not need to make definitions of NATION, we will not need to measure the edges of its borders, we will not be interested in the measurement of its land mass or population size. Expansion of global community (meaning those online) will no longer be relevant. Expansion and progress will be terms of the past because we will not think in measurement.

In the future the date will not matter. September 5, 3013 will be the same as October 2, 1912 (have you ever mistyped a date? These “slips” of technology are not random typos of the unreal—as though real were measured. These slips of technology are actually pointing to the fundamental truth of the arbitrariness of time.)

In the future we will no longer be obsessed with HISTORY because we will not learn through HISTORY because we will not manifest PROGRESS as a linear illusion. Technology is the post modern crutch. In the age of the mental we will SEE>>>>>>>

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