Photo: Alexa Vachon HOLD by Marit Östberg Pictured: Mad Kate and Ambrita Sunshine

Hold, Marit Östberg, DE/SE 2021, 14 min, engl. OV

World Premiere Screening at Berlin Porn Film Festival BDSM Porn Shorts Shortfilm program, 95 min.

A selection of films from this program can also be streamed with the Online Festival Pass. Please find more information here.

Bondage, Discipline, Submission & Domination, Sadism & Masochism: a classic among the Pornfilmfestival shorts programs. This year for the first time with Japanese Shibari bondage by Mistresses Hinako and Kinako and their passive male puppets.

Atrophy Portraits III, Four Chambers, UK 2020, 16 min, engl. OV
Subspace, Matt Lambert, DE 2020, 20 min, engl. OV
Hold, Marit Östberg, DE/SE 2021, 14 min, engl. OV
Click, Charlie Forrest, UK 2020, 6 min, engl. OV + engl. UT
Waiting, Morgana Meyer, IT 2021, 1 min, no dialgue
You Are Not Doing Hard, Ksenia Neph, DE/RU 2021, 12 min, engl. OV + engl. UT
Tatami, Katie Kinako, JP 2019, 25 min, jap.OV + engl. UT