As a musician and choreographer, the chance to direct and edit film — to marry music with image — has been an exciting new direction for my work.


TEXT + VOCALS: Yusuph Suso COMPOSITION: Hyenaz VIDEO: Yusuph Suso VIDEO EDIT: Hyenaz Supported by Musikfonds 2021

EKU EKU EKU (a call to death)

EKU EKU EKU (A Call to Death)
Goethe-Institut Virtual Partnership Residency with Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT) and HYENAZ 

EKU EKU EKU (A Call to Death) is a Virtual Partnership Residency between Ghanaian multi-disciplinary artist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT] and HYENAZ, with support from Goethe-Institut. Special thanks to Silent Green Kulturquartier. Field Recordings and Performance: Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT] and HYENAZ Cinematography by Onsoh Edward (Kumasi) and Sally Dige (Berlin) Song in Ewe (Dirge) by Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT] Sound Design and Video Edit: HYENAZ Costumes (HYENAZ): Juan de Chamié Costume (crazinisT artisT): crazinisT artisT studiO


Mmakgosi Kgabi in Perimeter

PERIMETER by HYENAZ with PERFORMERS Martini Cherry Furter, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Pateau, Mmakgosi Kgabi, Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher MUSIC, EDIT, PRODUCTION DESIGN HYENAZ CINEMATOGRAPHER Robert MleczkoART DIRECTOR Yeorg Kronnagel REMIXES by IXA and Maya Postepski with generous support from MusicBoard Berlin MUSIC SAMPLES Bart Kuzniak on saxophone and Alex Spree on clarinet


Concept, music and editing by HYENAZ (Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher)
Styling by Yeorg Kronnagel with assistance from Thea Adora
Filming by Robert Mleczko with assistance from Linus Ignatius
Mixing by HYENAZ and Bartłomiej Kuźniak at Studio333
High Definition Mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak at Studio333
Filmed at Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Inspired by Tasman Richardson’s Jawa Technique

Beyond Possible

Goethe-Institut: Virtual Partnership Residency
Lebenswelt/Lifeworld: Jova Lynne x HYENAZ
Field recordings and visuals Berlin, Germany by HYENAZ
Field recordings and visuals Detroit, Michigan by Jova Lynne
Composed and edited by HYENAZ
Special thanks to Jessica and Vness
EXP Award: Goethe-Institut Chicago
support from the Goethe-Institute
curated by Nadia Says for EXP_

When Did We Get Ill?

Mad Kate | the Tide When Did We Get Ill?
Mad Kate | vox and lyrics
Jacopo Bertacco | guitar
Sara Neidorf | drums
Jo Pollux | camera
Carla Schleiffer | assistant camera
Mad Kate | editing
Juan Chamié | costumes
filmed at Medienwerkstatt Berlin im Kulturwerk des bbk Berlin GmbH

Annies. Ein Gesangliches Konzert

Written and performed by Sivan Ben Yishai and Maren Kames
Filmed and Edited by HYENAZ (Adrienne Teicher and Mad Kate)
Music by HYENAZ (Adrienne Teicher and Mad Kate)


Music, Concept, Design, Styling and Editing: HYENAZ
Choreography: Mad Kate
Cinematography: Jo Pollux and Raja de Luna
Movers: Danilo Andrés, Tereza Silon, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Bishop Black, ROC, XIL
Audio Mastering: Becki Whitton


This original music composition emerged from a field recording and electronic production workshop HYENAZ led in the Graie mountains for CLASTIC European Performing Arts Residency, with the participation of: Durassie Kiangangu, Morena De leonardis, I Patom Theatre, Silvia Ribero, Angie Rottensteiner, Kazalište Nezamislivog Iva Korbar, and Elena Brea Sandin.

sound, concept, performance and edit by HYENAZ
2020 Berlin


WRITTEN and PRODUCED by Marit Östberg, Mad Kate, Ester Martin Bergsmark and Adrienne Teicher
STARRING Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher, Ocsaj, Max, Walter Crasshole, MYSTI, Tom Ass, Finn, Liz Rosenfeld, Jared Gradinger, Sadie Lune, River Rose, Buffalo Grove, Christopher, Paulita Pappel, Mere, Nika
EDITING Jasco Viefhus
SET DIRECTION Ester Martin Bergsmark Marit Östberg
CINEMATOGRAPHY Ester Martin Bergsmark with Marit Östberg and Liz Rosenfeld
LINE PRODUCER Paula Alamillo Rodriguez
PHOTOGRAPHY Alexa Vachon and hadas
CATERING Liz Rosenfeld