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  • Bonaparte

    Bonaparte is a Visual-Trash-Punk-Band based in Berlin founded by the Swiss musician Tobias Jundt

  • Audibility


    Audibility – an audio visual work by HYENAZ featuring Donato Laborante In their audiovisual artwork Audibility, sound and movement artists Kathryn Fischer and Adrienne Teicher (HYENAZ) delve into the politics of sound, inviting viewers to reconsider their relationship to the audible and inaudible, to silence and silencing.  Filmed in an ancient man-made cave in the…

  • sinews: holding our sh*t together

    sinews: holding our sh*t together

    Tereza Silon and Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate PRESS ARTALK ARTYCOK DOCUMENTATION photos by Peter Kolárčik Photos by Kathryn Fischer EXHIBITS 16 December 2023 – 13 January 2024 at Neurotitan Gallery – Berlin – Germany – curator: Viviana Druga URBAN WITCHES not BITCHES: Beast from the East 19 October 2023 – 7 December 2023 at…

  • sweating together

    Performance with Ambrita Sunshine and Mad Kate Premiere: alpha nova & galerie futura on 6 & 7 September 2023 // 19:00 >>sweating together<< is a deep listening experience, duet and discussion-performance that explores the affective and emotional experience of performing work—where work is the labor of care, the labor of survival and the labor of…

  • 14 May – Sabbat

    14 May – Sabbat

    AN ECLECTIC-TEK-WAVE-DECADANCE-PERFORMATIVE EVENTAfter few Years of Covid we are back now to celebrate our Sabbat Ritual at Untertage Berlin. DARKROOM/FETISH/CLUB LIVE MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE: HYENAZ are Berlin-based sound and movement artists Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher. The immersive performances, dance tracks, soundscapes, performative installations and a/v works they produce utilize the sonic…

  • Gritty Glamour

    GRITTY GLAMOUR Eine queere Intervention (English with german surtitles) Gritty Glamour nimmt uns mit in den Backstage-Bereich eines Kreuzberger Clubs. Vier Künstler*innen: Maria Sumak, Elektro-Goldstimme und Königin des Nachtlebens; Mad Rage, punk-feministische Performer*in; Molina Puig, Tänzer wie It-Girl und Greta Dietrich, Grande Dame des West-Berliner Drag-Chanson. Während jeweils eine*r von ihnen auf der Bühne steht,…

  • Peaches and Clusterfuck