Category: Peaches

  • Transart Festival Bolzano

    TRANSART BOLZANO 2021 TRANSART is one of the most important contemporary art festivals on the national scene. TRANSART is a multidisciplinary festival, which involves its audience in the exciting exploration of new contemporary frontiers, through a multiplicity of expressive languages and their innovations: from classical to electronic music, from figurative arts to performance, and from […]

  • Theres Only One Peach with a Hole in the Middle

    For the PEACHES epic stage revue “There’s Only One Peach with the Hole in the Middle” HYENAZ directed and choreographed the nine person dance group CLUSTERFUCK. The ensemble comprised artists Adrienne Teicher, Mad Kate, Federica Dauri, Jao Moon, TRAUKO, Ginger Synne, Lori Baldwin, Bishop Black and Martini Cherry Furter. Performances at Kampnagel, Hamburg, Royal Festival […]

  • Deutsche Oper | Ambushed from Behind: Don Quichotte

    DON QUICHOTTE is based on the international literary classic exploring the visionary power of dreams and the utopia of creating fantasy worlds while being defeated by the harsh realities of life. It is both a grand tale dealing with the ageing process and a weird and wonderful adventure novel packed with deadpan humour. Jules Massenet […]