Mis(s)placed Women? Belgrade: 14-18 Nov 2021

Tanja Ostojić’s ongoing Mis(s)placed Women? project will take place in person and online in Belgrade on the 14th of October – 18th November 2021. Mad Kate will join a Berlin group of artists who will attend the happening in person on the 16th and 17th of October. Tanja OstojićMIS(S)PLACED WOMEN?2009-2021Collaborative

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Secretions: 19 Oct 2021

𝔖𝔈ℭℜ𝔈𝔗ℑ𝔒𝔑𝔖 𝔓ℜ𝔈𝔖𝔈𝔑𝔗𝔖 ✹Mona Servo (live) + Swan Bitume (vj)✹Mona Servo works on queer & feminist body/ies, aestheticsand politics through music, performance and other multimedia devices. In her work,she combines DIY cultures, contemporary occultures, experimental practices of moving images and sound/music as well as micro-editing,invocating among others poetry, sexualities, memory, alteration,marginalities,

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ArtesMobiles | System Failed: 29-30 Oct. @ Hybrid Play Festival

SYSTEMFAILED PROJECT SystemFailed deals with structures of power in the “smart” age. Algorithmic governance techniques are made playfully tangible and a critical examination of digitalization is initiated. Three performers and a self-developed AI system, represented by moving light and projections, face the audience. The project is divided into three modules:SystemFailed:exploration – the

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HYENAZ | AUTOMINE: 9 – 10 Dec 2021

HYENAZ AUTOMINEPERFORMANCEDECEMBER 9 – 10 2021ACUD Berlin HYENAZ present their musical works as immersive performance intervention. A performance asks that bodies are present: as performer, as audience, as active interlocutor. The assembling of bodies together for the purpose of performance – and the proximity of those bodies to experience or

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EKU EKU EKU (a call to death)

Goethe-Institut Virtual Partnership Residency with Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT) and HYENAZ  BUY THE TRACK HERE: https://hyenazhyenaz.bandcamp.com/track/eku-eku-eku-a-call-to-death ALL PROCEEDS GO TO perfocraZe International Artist Residency and THEIR INCREDIBLE WORK, PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY On the day of Va-Bene’s 40th birthday, it is with very great excitement that we release this audio visual

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HYENAZ | Signals

World Premiere at DC Sound Scene Festival Signals is a new work created especially for Sound Scene Festival’s 2021 theme EMERGE. Signals explores the notion of performativity in the form of codes, signs, drag, and masks in order to emerge from the darkness as visible. Signals become methods of translation, channels

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HYENAZ | Perimeter – VR Gallery

PERIMETER Virtual Reality gallery features their audio visual work PERIMETER plus five filmed interviews with the Berlin performers Martini Cherry Furter, Mmakgosi Kgabi, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher, wherein they explore the psychological, artistic, gendered, racialised and class-determined territories in which they feel “neither inside nor outside.”

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