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  • Notes

    I haven’t felt much like writing lately; somehow I haven’t been able to get to that point of processing yet. Everything feels like cutups. I have finished fixing the sink, uninstalling the hot water heater from the wall (it didn’t work anyway), changing the faucet, finding out it will only screw in upside down, finding […]

  • Flamenguera

    Walking in a blizzard down empty highway parallel to the old wall, four in the morning. This part is called the East Side Gallery: the mile or two of retained wall now covered in murals. The snow sticks to my leather jacket and the front of my green fishnets like moss grows on one side […]

  • Epiphany

    Fear. These first few days of the new year have been very introspective for me and, in the past two days, depressive. Whenever I begin to feel real depression this spirals into fear, which leads to more depression, and silence, and the need for escapism. My anxiety over whether Juan will be here on February […]

  • Feminist myth-making

    Certain contemporary thinkers consider, as it is well known, that modernity is characterized as the first epoch in human history in which human beings attempt to live without religion. In its present form, is not feminism in the process of becoming one? – Julia Kristeva This quote from Julia Kristeva’s 1979 article “Women’s Time” brings […]

  • Advent Ruminations

    Third Sunday in Advent I bought myself 1Euro Christmas lights, a short strand that hangs lopsided on the French doors in my bedroom. These kinds of little things make me happy, and turning on the radio and hearing Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. I want to say a million things to you and do not know where […]

  • The Fundamental Problem

    So the problem is the same, it’s just (re)presented in various symbols over and over in my life. In Berlin, as of today, it looks like this: You’ve got the UDK, the University of Art in Berlin, where last night I attended my first class in “media and culture” taught by this amazing feminist art […]

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead. I read Orlando when I wake up this morning—afternoon. I am overcome by the beauty of her words, of the construction of sentences, but also of the ideas represented. I am reminded how ahead of her time she is—or is that what I mean? She brings so much clarity to me, […]

  • Orlando

    Reading Orlando puts me in a romantic frame of mind. Virginia Woolf’s manner of speaking tends to leak into my words so please excuse anything that sounds weepy. Incidentally, Orlando is brilliant and reading it makes me want to become a Virginia Woolf scholar. Which is funny because it’s the first novel of Woolf’s that […]

  • White Nails

    I’ve found that the best way to paint my nails and actually let them dry is by painting them and then sitting down at my computer for a good hour. Typing keeps them upright and moving and basically unencumbered. If I don’t sit down at my computer after painting my nails, I am always trying […]