Transart Festival Bolzano

Photo: Tiberio Sorvillo


TRANSART is one of the most important contemporary art festivals on the national scene.

TRANSART is a multidisciplinary festival, which involves its audience in the exciting exploration of new contemporary frontiers, through a multiplicity of expressive languages and their innovations: from classical to electronic music, from figurative arts to performance, and from cinema to new digital technologies.

TRANSART is a popular festival that has been making waves in the Trentino Alto Adige area for more than twenty years.

Starting in Bolzano, the nerve center of the festival, events take place across the region, from north to south, creating a contemporary, inter-regional, and cross-border platform.

IIn Cranky Pants, Peaches explores new material with the post-contemporary movement collective Clusterfuck as a means of reclaiming social space. Together Peaches and Clusterfuck push boundaries discovering new relationships of live bodies in group context. They move as one slow sensual entangled sculptural organism transferring otherworldly states of rapture; then abruptly shift to the mechanical precision, intricate detail, and high power of the club machine. As they investigate the reintegration of performer and audience interaction, Peaches and Clusterfuck also confront and negotiate the ego generated between performers themselves. A fabulous assemblage of uniquely queer bodies, they draw on their individual disciplines in performance; yet they remain always synchronized, unified, raw, and present.

Photo: Tiberio Sorvillo