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Goodmorning, Señor Alfabus (MFA Writing and ConsciousnessThesis, New College of California, San Francisco, 2004)

Goodmorning, Señor Alfabus is a novella about a young woman who wrestles with her experience of rape in relation to a choir of women's voices--both those she would like to be and those she has learned from. Señor Alfabus is the darkness of her disembodied identity as well as the light that will bring her into an understanding of self.

Silenced Discourses (BA Peace and Conflict Studies Honors Thesis, University of California , Berkeley, 2001)

Silenced Discourses: Do Campesinas Have a Voice in Women's Organizations? is a study completed in collaboration with the women of Décimo Aniversario, a farming cooperative in rural Nicaragua. Through a series of interviews with the members of the farming cooperative, local women's group organizers, and national women's organizations, I take a closer look at what "empowerment" means for this group of women

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