Friday 5-Apr-13 SO36 Berlin Germany Ich Bin Ein Berliner Mad Kate the Tide

Saturday 6-Apr-13 Lumiere Blueue Leipzig Germany Lumiere Blueue Mad Kate the Tide

Tuesday 9-Apr-13 Stanser Musiktage Stans Switzerland Bonaparte

Wednesday 10-Apr-13 Le Grand Mix Tourcoing France Bonaparte

Thursday 11-Apr-13 Marche Gare Lyon France Bonaparte

Friday 12-Apr-13 Chatodo Blois France Bonaparte

Saturday 13-Apr-13 Magic Mirror Paris France Bonaparte

Sunday 14-Apr-13 Rockhal Luxembourg Luxembourg Bonaparte

Monday 15-Apr-13 Skaters Palace Münster Germany Bonaparte

Tuesday 16-Apr-13 Franz K Reutlingen Germany Bonaparte

Wednesday 17-Apr-13 Treibhaus Innsbruck Austria Bonaparte

Thursday 18-Apr-13 Lapsus Turin Italy Bonaparte

Friday 19-Apr-13 Traffic Roma Italy Bonaparte

Saturday 20-Apr-13 E20 Underground Vincenza Italy Bonaparte

Wednesday 29-May-13 MPA Berlin Berlin Germany Month of Performance Art Opening Party ALIVE:ness Mad Kate the Tide

Friday 21-Jun-13 Reich und Schön Saxon Germany Reich und Schön Festival Scavenge HYENAZ


Bonaparte "Too Much" & "My Horse Likes You" Tours(Europe/USA (including South by Southwest Festival 2012)/Russia/Morocco - ongoing - performance artist since 2008)

Kamikaze Queens "Voluptuous Panic" & "Automatic Life" Tours (Europe/USA (including South by Southqest Festival 2009) - ongoing - frontsinger since 2006)

Mad Kate ∣ The Tide (Musical / Performance Project since 2012)

Copenhagan International Performance Art Festival (Warehouse 9 2012)

Slutwalk Soli Party with Peaches (About/Blank, Berlin 2012)

Gottingen Antifee Festival (headliner, 2012)

Select Mad Kate Performances:

Burlesque at the Queen (Queen Calavera 2012)

Jerk Off Festival (Le Klub Paris France 2011)

Kulturnacht Næstved (Grønnegade Teater Næstved Denmark 2011)
La Fête Fatale (Bassy Club Berlin Germany 2011)

Pinky's Peep Show (Bassy Club Berlin Germany (2011 - 2012)

BROT (Cabaret Zürich Switzerland 2010 - 2012)

CAMP! (Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin Germany 2011)

Overdose! Panti Christ Burlesque Night (Goosepoo Biel Switzerland 2010)

Supper Club SF Featured Artist (Supper Club San Francisco USA 2010)

PEACHES DJ Set (Circuito Off Festival Venice Italy 2010)

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School (White Trash Fast Food Berlin Germany 2010)

Peaches Christ Superstar (HAU 1 Berlin / Kampegnal Hamburg 2010)

Rough Print featuring the work of Michael Russ (Lucas Carreiri Gallery Berlin (2010)

Baseler Bscene Pantichrist Burley Show (Sudhaus Basel / Le Bal Bern Switzerland 2010)

Bread and Butter Berlin (Old Templehof Airport Berlin Germany 2010)

Queer X Road Show (Berlin/Malmo/Stockholm/Copenhagen/ Paris/ Brussels 2009)

Not Who You Think I Am (Envoy Gallery New York USA 2009)

Saturator Queer Festival Warsaw (Saturator Warsaw Poland 2009)

Stimulate! XXX Christmas (Rehab Club New York USA 2008)

Jägermeister Wild Girls Go New Burlesque (Germany 2007-2008)

Slipper Room Burlesque (Slipper Room New York, USA 2008)

Burlesque night with Snaxx LIVE (Justo Moscow Russia 2008)

Berlin Tattoo Convention (Arena Berlin Germany 2006-2008)

Spookshow! (Second Skin Athens Greece 2008)

PEACHES live at Electronic Beats Festival (Postbahnhof Berlin Germany 2008)

Grotesque Gala (LIDO / Kato Berlin Germany 2007 – 2008)

Venus Convention (Estrell Hotel Berlin Germany 2008)

Burlesque with Puppini Sisters LIVE (Admiralspalast Berlin Germany 2008)

Sex Files (IG Bildene Kunst Vienna Austria 2008)

Supper Club Amsterdam Featured Artist (Supper Club Amsterdam Netherlands 2007)

Wild Rose Review (Admiralspalast Berlin Germany 2007)

Tarantino Death Proof Premiere Party (Bar 25 Berlin Germany 2007)

Hells Boutique with DJ HELL (Reitschule Bern Switzerland 2007)

I Need a Freak For Christmas (Tsunami Club Cologne Germany 2006)

Goo Goo Bomb (Hotel Shanghai Essen City Germany 2006)

Cirque de Soleil After-Show Guest (Berlin Germany 2006)

Ben Sherman After-Party (Berlin Germany 2006)

Plastique: Dahila LIVE (OPA Paris France 2005)


Formentera (Feature film by Ann-Kristin Reyels 2011)

0110111: Quantum Physics and a Horseshoe (Bonaparte Live DVD Warner Music 2011)

Mommy is Coming (Feature film by Cheryl Dunye/Production Juergen Bruenning 2011)

Sisterhood (documentary film by Marit Östberg 2012)

Oh Boy! (Feature Film by Jan Gerster (Marcos Kantis, Schiwago Films 2010)

Share(Short film by Marit Ostberg 2010)

Frida and Anita (Short film by Liz Rosenfeld 2010)

Too Much Pussy: Feminist Sluts in the Queer X Show (Documentary by Emilie Jouvet 2010)

Berlin Manners (Documentary by Ivan Arrenaga 2010)

Saila (Feature film by Julia Ostertag 2008)

Berlin Calling (Feature film by Hannes Stöhr with Paul Kalkbrenner 2008)

Cowboys and Communists (Documentary by Jess Feast 2007)


Bonaparte, "Quarantine" (2012)

Bonaparte, "Wir sind keine Menschen" (2011)

Bonaparte, “Boycott Everything” (2010)

Bonaparte, “Computer in Love” (2010)

Velvet Condom, “Collapse in Slow Motion” (2010)

Kamikaze Queens, “2 Minute Fuck” (2009)

Peaches, “More” (2008)

Debbie Rockt, “Ich Rocke” (2007)

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