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Kathryn Fischer (aka Mad Kate) is a performance artist and writer currently living in Berlin, Germany. Integrating elements of punk, butoh, prose, Afro-Cuban dance, freak-burlesque, vocals and conceptual costume, Mad Kate has performed extensively around Europe, Russia and the United States--pioneering a unique style that is outspokenly feminist, genderqueer and powerfully honest. She has recently begun a new collaboration, Mad Kate/the Tide, with acclaimed guitarist Jaco Bertacco aka Tide of Sound. Together they explore the concept of ALIVE:NESS, taking a multimedia, hyperlinked and textual approach to live and recorded musical performance.

In addition to her solo work, Mad Kate has a new collaboration with Adrienne Teicher, aka TUSK. Together they are HYENAZ a darkwave techno-shamanistic key to eternity. Mad Kate is front woman for the punk-rock-cabaret band Kamikaze Queens and a performer in the Bonaparte electro-punk-rock circus. Mad Kate's performance work has been featured in several documentaries and films, including Emilie Jouvet's Too Much Pussy: Feminist Sluts in the Queer X Show, Ivan Arrenega's Berlin Manners: Burlesque in Berlin, and most recently in 0110111: Quantum Physics and a Horseshoe, the Bonaparte live DVD. She also plays the lead role in Julia Ostertag's feature punk post apocalypse film, Saila. When she's not onstage, Mad Kate can often be found inside the caverns of Carni Closet, located in the back of the Berlin boutique, EXIT.

Kathryn holds an MFA in Writing and Consciousness from the New College of California and a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies with an emphasis in Gender and Sustainable Development from the University of California, Berkeley. Her writing has appeared in, among other places, Bend Over Magazine, Z Magazine, Bitch, Other , Off Our Backs, ExBerliner, and the online exhibit, Imagining Ourselves: A Global Generation of Women, a project by the International Museum of Women.

There will never be enough time to explore all the different women I would like to inhabit. But in each of the personas I explore, the through-line has been my intellectual and artistic interest in the politics of borders--both between bodies and within bodies. This pursuit has manifested itself in many forms--whether it be interviewing women who live in rural farming cooperatives in Nicaragua and Haiti; advocacy of immigrants and political asylum seekers in the Bay Area; teaching creative writing inside the San Francisco Women's Jail; sex / work / performance /art and erotic dance; critical and creative writing; or diving off the stage into a crowd of rowdy pogo punks while singing with my band.

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