Welcome to Carni Closet.

Carni closet is a costume library, costume exchange and work space based on the idea of collective ownership. WE are carnies—a local and global community of travelers, punks, performers, artists outcasts freaks queers and penny pinchers … we work for little money or for free and we make what we wear and use. We hope to encourage re-use and creation instead of consumerism, to use and reuse the THINGS we already have. We know that we can make beautiful THINGS out of the THINGS and resources we already have. Many of us work for very little money or for free and don’t have the luxury to buy new costumes for every performance or new art supplies and materials for every work of art. We hope that we can put our heads and our resources together so that we can collectively own some of the THINGS we tend to need often … wigs, crayons, metal scraps, paints and much more.

We believe that a society based on sharing of resources does not have to be entirely utilitarian or devoid of beauty. We believe that fashion is art worn on our body and does not have to contribute to a consumerist society. As artists we have the resources we need at our fingertips. As creative people we can share and re-use them to our advantage!

How it works.

You can donate costumes and resources to or borrow costumes and resources from Carni Closet when you need them. Please consider other artists when you decide how long you might need costumes and materials. Costumes can be borrowed for a long term basis or traded for a donation. Negotiations are made on an individual basis.

Carni Closet is a place that you can keep your costumes long term. They’ll always be yours if you want them back, but while they’re at the library they’ll be in our family of artists and will remain in our family.

If a costume is damaged or lost during its use, please consider how you can repair it yourself. If need be, please pay or trade work to have someone else repair it. If you lose a costume, please offer a suitable trade in replacement in a timely fashion. If you are borrowing art supplies and cannot replace them, please consider offering a trade.

Carni Closet is not a costume rental nor based around monetary exchange. If you feel that you can best donate to Carni Closet in a monetary way, money will go towards rent. Carni closet does not buy new costumes for the library; we encourage artists to donate and to create new costumes.

Carni Closet welcomes donations including, but not limited to:

Fabric, dresses, pants, wigs, jackets, shoes, fake food, Velcro, fetish gear, stage props, boas, metal objects, art supplies, string, rubber bands, scissors, crayons, paints, brushes, glue, wood, wire, cardboard, shiny things, hats, masks, plaster, paper, jackets, fake jewelry, leather, wings, glasses, papier-mâché, half-finished art projects, half-baked ideas, deconstructed outfits, t-shirts, handcuffs, wig heads, crowns, pencils, beads, and just about anything you can dream up.

Other future goals of Carni Closet are to offer workshops on making unique props and costumes, to create collective work days where we can work on new projects together, and to host performances. We welcome suggestions and hope that we’ll soon be in touch.

Carni Closet is located at EXIT, in Berlin Kreuzberg. Please contact Mad Kate at +49 160 975 32702 for more information or to make an appointment.

Carni Closet is dedicated in loving memory to Tomek Mankiewicz, KEMOT (1978 - 2009)

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